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Huntington Beach PWC Event – Jettribe Wrap-Up

If there is an event in Southern California, Jettribe is there. In fact, Jettribe shows up to most major events around the world. This time it was both California and a major event. People cant seem to stop talking about how great of an event was held and excitement towards next year’s installment. Here is Jettribe’s first hand take on the weekend:


Huntington Beach – Jettribe Wrap-Up

This last weekend’s Hot Products Huntington Beach Moto-Surf & Freeride Exhibition marks a flash back point for some of Jettribe’s race family members who raced in the mid-90’s. Once again, over two decades later, PWC Racing has returned to the surf, beach and shores of Southern California. The sound of the crashing surf, crowds gasping over the race skis, and the smell of the 2 stroke fumes, definitely has brought us back to the Bud Tour and Big Red Tour days that graced the So Cal beaches decades ago.

Now, fast forward to 2018, and the Jettribe crew, along with Jettribe Models Paulina @paulinakanna and Natali @nataligdo, were stoked to be a part of this inaugural event. For the Jettribe crew, this beautiful location is only an hour and a half away from our Headquarters, not to mention it had the ideal sun, beach and babes atmosphere!

The race site is nested in the heart of the Huntington Beach area, next to the Pier which served as a great overview of the race action on the water for spectators. This area attracted over 20,000 beach goers during the weekend event, with nearby restaurants, bars, ice cream and gift shops available for the locals, tourists, spectators and racers.

Overall, we had an awesome time hanging out with our race family, and catching up with our industry friends. At the end of the day, we cannot be more proud of our race family out there representing the Jettribe Brand: Charlie Martinez, Charles Anderson, Charles Sims, David Palmer, Jon Phan, Pete Zernik, and Wyland Reden. In our eyes, they are the stars of the show, because if there are no racers, there is no race!

All this would not happen without the hard work and determination of Ross Wallach from RPM Racing and his loyal staff, and the tremendous support of Hot Products as the event title sponsor. Many thanks to all the presenting sponsors Jettrim, Hydro-Turf, Jet Re-Nu, Bomber Eyewear, Circuit Jet Sports, Goodman Properties, T.C.Freeride, Rick Roy RRP, Krash Industries, RB Components, RB Components, Action Sports Canopies, Works H20 Designs, 626JetSki1, Havasu Watercraft, Rivera Trucking & Pro-Rider Magazine. If we missed any sponsors – it was not intentional.









Jettribe Booth at Huntington Beach – Pre-Orders Due Thursday

Jettribe, like much of the West Coast, will be heading to Huntington Beach, this weekend, for the Hot Products titled race by the pier. If you want them to bring you some Jettribe gear for your competition needs, the preorder deadline is Thursday. Please see the official release below:

Huntington Beach Pre-Order Now Available!

The Jettribe Booth will be at the Huntington Beach Pier this Saturday only for Day 1 of the Hot Products 2018 Huntington Beach Moto-Surf & Freeride Exhibition.

Due to limited space, we will not be bringing gear to the race site. If you are looking for a wetsuit, vest, gloves or something from our new 2018 line – you must place a pre-order on our website by Thursday, April 12th!

Just put in the order notes that you would like to pick-up your order in Huntington Beach. You can also send us a Live Chat message to confirm you want to pick-up your order. Your shipping costs will be refunded.

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday for all the action going down in the water off the Huntington Beach Pier!

Pier Plaza Amphitheatre
Pacific Coast Highway & Main Street

Jettribe Recaps Danga Bay PWC Challenge Malaysia

The gang from Jettribe have been out traveling the world and promoting PWC Racing once again. This time, they were in Malaysia with IJSBA World Champion Gyorgy Kasza and it looks like everyone had an exciting time. The entire story is below:

2018 Danga Bay PWC Challenge – Malaysia

We had such an awesome experience with the Jettribe International Team this past weekend at the 2018 Danga Bay PWC Challenge in Malaysia. For Factory Rider Gyorgy Kasza and Team Rider Ildi Vasari, the experience was truly unforgettable. The culture of our Malaysian friends is unique, very friendly, open, and they treated us like a true family.

We cannot thank the staff at Atlantis Marine enough for their hospitality. They worked tirelessly throughout the week, and provided two SeaDoo Sparks and an RXP 300 for our riders to use during the race, as well as the Course Marshall boats. As soon as we stepped off the airplane we were in good hands – from the ground transportation, race skis prep, holding, fuel, etc. We honestly never have had such support and a nearly stress-free international event in a long time.

Both Atlantis Marine and Meganrata came together to run an exceptional event. We also have much admiration to the Course Marshalls who were the first on the water, and the last to leave. We learned a lot of great things about how the event was run. One highlight was their junior rider program and the “time attack” race. Junior riders followed the Course Marshall around the track, one at a time, and were timed on their speed. This helped keep the junior’s safe, but also got them to experience a real race course. This is something we will share with the world at other events. The junior riders were so happy to meet with our riders and get autographs. Many friends and life-long relationships were formed this weekend.

Hats off to our partners BRP Malaysia and BRP Asia, Atlantis Marine, Xtreme Machines, and Meganrata for supporting this event.

The race site at the Country Garden in Danga Bay had beautiful sand beaches, which sat beneath the hotel towers in this tourist hot spot. It is times like this that make us appreciative that we have the ability to travel and share the love for the PWC sport. Events like this makes everyone in the Jettribe family grateful.