IJSBA Bulliten On Present State And Potential Future Of Aftermarket Hulls

The International Jet Sports Boating Association is issuing a reminder regarding the allowance of aftermarket hulls and the procedure for inclusion of those hulls in sanctioned racing.  While IJSBA is issuing this reminder due to a heightened level of inquiries about aftermarket hulls, competitors are advised that this bulletin is not directed toward any specific hull or product.  However, this bulletin is notice to potential changes in the near future of how these hulls are regulated.


Aftermarket hulls are allowed in a variety of Ski, Sport, and Runabout categories of racing.  Normally, allowances for these hulls are found in Modified, GP, and Open classes.  A recent Mod Lites division allowed aftermarket hulls as an evolution of the previous Ski Limited classes.  Since their inception, aftermarket hulls have been allowed to be produced by any manufacturer with the limiting factors being safety and the specifications allowed in the IJSBA Rule Book.  Indeed, all aftermarket parts are treated this way: every aftermarket product is unique in that it could be a one-off variance of an original product or a complete one of a kind product.  The only specific products IJSBA deems legal are those OEM units homologated for competition.  All aftermarket products, including hulls, are evaluated on an individual basis even where IJSBA and the technical inspector are aware that the hull is possibly a mass produced product.


As of 2019, no aftermarket hulls are approved by brand or by model.  This is even the case for well-known brands or popular models of aftermarket hulls.  A rider must submit his, or her, watercraft for safety inspection prior to competition and, then, technical inspection during competition and at the completion of competition.  Safety inspections are examinations for basic safety violations (i.e. secured fuel lines, operational lanyards, etc.) and do not guarantee a watercraft will pass a technical examination.  Where IJSBA is brought in to preview a potential product, prior to competition, there is no way for IJSBA to ensure that the product is not changed during production or by the end user after production.  A hull, like every other aftermarket product, is subject to evaluation at every race even where such product has been evaluated numerous time.  One technical inspector’s evaluation does not necessarily carry over to other events.  This is especially the case where interpretation of the rules are required.


Within the last 5 years, IJSBA has introduced the concept of homologating aftermarket hulls and issuing trackable identifications for these hulls.  Contemporary watercraft reach static speeds on the race course higher than ever seen previously in the sport.  As competitors navigate the course, at these high speeds, competitors should have a reasonable expectation that the hulls carrying these speed are built with durable materials and to such craftsmanship that the watercraft can be adequately controlled at the relevant speeds.  There is an increasing need for IJSBA to have an oversight over the aftermarket hulls.  IJSBA expects to release guidelines for discussion about this coming oversight and to engage the community, on this subject, at the 2019 Thai Airways World Finals.  In the meantime, competitors should continue to have confidence that previously used aftermarket hulls will continue to have a home in IJSBA Sanctioned Racing and also be aware that any new designs of aftermarket hulls, seen in 2019, may face reevaluation, at the end of the year, if a new hull monitoring system is designed.


If you have any questions regarding the contents of this bulletin, please email info@ijsba.com.



Lake Havasu City’s Big O Tires Steps In To Provide A Free Saturday Night Freestyle Experience.

IJSBA is very pleased to announce the support of Big O Tires in bringing the 2019 Blowsion Under The Bridge Freestyle Competition as a free event to all spectators.  The Blowsion titled event is a portion of the 2019 Thai Airways World Finals which takes place October 5-13 at Crazy Horse Campground in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  The Under The Bridge component, as you might imagine, happens Saturday Night, October 12, under the Famous London Bridge.


Some of these press releases start getting wordy with all the levels of sponsorship.  However, IJSBA wants to take a moment to remind the public how many parties are required to form an event of this caliber.  A title sponsor comes in to show their commitment to giving back to the greater community by facilitating and  inspiring human achievement.  Specific portions of the sponsored event later receive support to help provide an elevated showcase to particular parts of the sport.  Further sponsors recognize the importance the event has to the local community and wants to ensure both that the competitors have the resources to do their best and that the local population has the chance to  observe and interact with amazing athletes. 

The local Big O Tires exists to ensure that Lake Havasu City has access to affordable tires installed at a well known level of top quality service.  This sponsorship is consistent with the mission of enriching opportunities for the community.  This year is the 38th consecutive installment of the World Finals in Lake Havasu City and this legacy of success is due to a major network of support within the Personal Watercraft industry, greater enterprise at large, and a massive amount of generosity from local businesses.  Over the next few months, we will have a lot of writing to do to try and thank every contributor.  Today, we highlight Big O Tires for providing IJSBA the resources we need to continue to offer this night show to the public free of any spectator charges.

Blowsion Returns As Title Sponsor For Under The Bridge Freestyle Competion At 2019 Thai Airways World Finals

IJSBA is excited to announce that, once again, Blowsion will provide title sponsor support to the Saturday Night Under The Bridge Freestyle Competition at the 2019 Thai Airways World Finals.  Blowsison’s unparalleled support of extreme competitive expression, on a Ski Watercraft was instrumental in the resurrection of this evening component of the World Championships in Lake Havasu City. 

Pro Freestyle Competitors, Junior Freestyle Competitors, Product Releases, and other exciting activities will be unleashed under Lake Havasu City’s historic London Bridge on Saturday, October 19.  The planet’s best Ski riders will have earned points, earlier that afternoon over at the Crazy Horse Campground and Resort before competing before a crowd of thousands in front of the London Bridge Resort.  The top ten points earner will, then, head back to Crazy Horse on Sunday for a final round of action to crown the title of World Champion.  This Under The Bridge Competition is completely free to attend.  More information will be released as we get closer to the 2019 Thai Airways World Finals which begin October 5.

IJSBA Shipping Membership Cards 2019 Rate To Stay The Same

IJSBA is extremely pleased to announce the shipping of backlogged membership cards.  IJSBA apologizes for any inconveniences caused by delays in the mailing of membership cards.  All cards should be received within two weeks.  All memberships processed now will be fulfilled in our regular promised time.  As a way of making up for the delays, IJSBA will not implement the scheduled increase in membership price in 2019.  Also, everyone who was a member in 2018 and 2019 will not receive a membership fee increase in 2020.

On a personal note from the head office:  The President of your organization has been known to try to save a dollar or two whenever possible.  Honestly, I thought I had saved the company a nice chunk of change when I received great pricing on ordering several years worth of cards.  We started having problems with the cards not printing properly six months ago and believed it was the ink.  After changing the ink didn’t solve the problem, we sent the printer in for servicing.  That didn’t fix the problem either.  As it turned out, according to our card supplier, is that the laminate on the face of the card has a shelf life of just a couple of years (even in our cool coastal climate in Half Moon Bay).  So, we reordered cards but only a two year supply. These cards seem to print just wonderfully.  Thank you, again, for your patience and please accept my personal apologies for the delay some of you experienced in receiving your card.

IJSBA Announces Thai Airways As 2019 World Finals Title Sponsor


IJSBA is very pleased to announce Thai Airways as the title sponsor of the 2019 IJSBA World Finals which will be held October 5-13 in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  Since IJSBA created the very first Personal Watercraft World Championship, in 1982, the event has grown into a true international competition with athletes hailing from more than 30 nations and trophies being awarded, proportionally among the various countries represented.  The 2019 Thai Airways World Finals marks the 38th consecutive year this event has been held.


Thai Airways is a true leader in the bringing people together to share their cultures and participate in a sense of global togetherness.  Beginning in the 1960’s Thai Airways created partnerships with European carriers in order to create a comfortable mode of transportation between continents allowing persons to more easily experience exotic destinations that were only previously knowable through print and visual media.  Continuing to innovate, Thai Airways as a leader in forming the Star Alliance which ensured that travelers could maintain rewards across leading carriers thus enabling and encouraging global transportation.  Ever committed to the goal of helping people see the world, Thai Airways partners with other carries to provide the notable Thai Airways quality and hospitality, to travelers, while ensuring that the service is delivered as efficiently and affordably as possible.


The partnership of IJSBA and Thai Airways emphasizes IJSBA’s commitment to a true global sport and also underscore’s IJSBA’s new World Series which links Europe, the Americas, and Asia, in a first of its kind recognition of competitors’ consistency while factoring in global travel and different water environments.  Please check ijsba.com regularly as more news will be coming soon about the 2019 Thai Airways World Finals.